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Tom Wright

In 2013, I made the exciting move to London, where I’ve immersed myself in the vibrant real estate scene, cutting my teeth working for two of the city’s largest estate agents. The hustle and bustle taught me invaluable lessons.

A brief detour into the world of mortgages broadened my perspective. I understood the financial intricacies that underpin every property transaction.

Curious by nature, I dipped my toes into IT. But my heart remained in property, and unable to combine the two, I came back. The clique is that “every day is different”, but it really is.

Joining an independent agency was a game-changer. Here, I found the freedom to be my authentic self, to put people first, and deliver a bespoke service to everyone.

In my free time I am a keen solo musician; teaching myself piano and harmonica, and singing whilst playing on my guitar. But my real passion is the bass which I play/slap/slide in my band all over South London and have even talked my way into the pit of some spectacular West End musicals (to observe and enjoy, not to play… yet).